I'm a Slacker,,, I know....

I know I know, its been forever since I last blogged.  (uhum, since February!)  So here's the rundown.

The kids a growing.  A LOT.  Parker is talking up a storm now, and actually pronounces most words correctly.  Elliot is trying to walk, although she has yet to take her first steps.  They keep me super busy.  So busy that the only time that I really have to blog is now, while they are spending the week with their Nanny.  (I miss them like crazy, and really just want to get in my car right now, at 12:15 AM and drive from Fayetteville to Searcy and snuggle with them!)

Parker starts his second year of Preschool on August 22nd.  He will be going on Mondays and Wednesdays again this year, and we think Mrs. Michelle will be his teacher again.  (She is probably going to be moving up to the 3 year old class.)  Elliot will be going on Wednesdays too.  This will be big for me.  I haven't ever left her with anyone but family for that long.  I'm sure she will do just fine though.  She's a tough little cookie.  She is so easygoing, but has a dramatic side to her.  For instance, she can be smiling and laughing, but if you make her mad, you will get the angry face complete with a blood curdling scream!  Here's a picture of the "Mad Face":

And here are a few Pictures of them growing over the past 4 months or so!
Razorfest 2011

 Look at that Hair!


Elliot at 9 Months

Parker at 3 years 4 months

Parker's First Fish

Summer Treat

Happy Girl at Breakfast!

She sure knows how to make a mess!

So there you have it.  You're all caught up.  As for what's happening now.... Well, I just started planning Elliot's First Birthday Party (How the heck did she get so big so fast?  This is going way too fast, and is so not fair!) and I am gearing up for back to school for Parker.  Jon started his new job at Pinnacle last week, and so far he is loving it.  And the kids and I are loving having him home more, and we are really enjoying his better mood and the break from the constant work-related phone calls.  We get to actually meet Daddy for lunch now, which is super nice.  All in all, we are doing great!


We got a little bit of snow.

And we are supposed to get more!

This is how Parker and Elliot stay warm!  Watching movies in Mommy and Daddy's bed!

Sugar Bowl!

So it Stinks that we lost, but Elliot sure did look cute!  Thanks for the awesome onesie Nanny!


Parker: I'm going to work now Momma.

Me: OK, have a good day.  Where is your work?

Parker:  It's far far away in China.

Elliot is 5 Months Old!

It's hard to believe it, but Elliot turned 5 months old a few days ago.  She's getting so big so fast!  


Happy Girl!

Elliot is so happy in the mornings!  I love how chubby she's getting!

And she has the cutest little dimples!

And she loves her big Brother!

And Pedicures!